We love what we do. We put a lot of passion
in all of our projects and this has brought us success.


We come – We understand | We design – We suggest

We understand that the investment in any kind of program must bring results to all parties involved the company, the organizers, the participants. We implement events within larger projects, in order to develop the team and the organization. We are originals. We like to play and innovate. When the challenge has no answer, we invent a program from scratch that will address your needs. This is why we investigate in detail everything that defines you: values, principles, desired behaviors and expected results.


We agree – We implement

In all our projects, we have a long term complex approach, we are not seekers of a one-time event. We don’t believe in miraculous interventions and we don’t promise this. However, we believe in structured multi-dimensional objectives: training and consultancy, team building, coaching.

Each event is designed in accordance to our agreed objectives:: programme, agenda and debrief. The added value is not only the memorable experience that we generate, but it also comes from the interaction with consultants that have more than 10 years of experience in the business world (multinationals, entrepreneurs and specific competences).


We measure – We carry on

Ascendis is Vision. Experience. Results. The results that we obtained helped us to be the number one for team buildings and training programmes. If the event doesn’t meet the expectations, we don’t bill. This is the promise we make to each and every Ascendis client and it is our motivation to exceed our limits. Based on our experience of more than 18 years, we continue to create together with you complex programmes: culture studies, training & consultancy, team buildings, coaching and assessment centers.