Conferences, B2B

“Meeting Design is not about getting attendees to the right location. It’s about getting in their minds.”

We believe that meetings can only be successful when looking at the meeting process and the participants holistically. The meeting is a temporary ecosystem in which everything hangs together. Consequently, in order to be effective, the programme must be an experience that goes beyond the mere logical and cerebral. It has to connect with participants at a deeper level so that they connect at a deeper level. We call this ”Meetings with Heart and Sould”.


The Speakers Office (Biroul de Speakeri) is the main supplier of motivational speakers for conferences and events in Romania.

The people of value of this country become inspirational sources for the current and future generations by sending a message about their achievements. Here, you will meet people that conquered the Everest or the depths of the caves, Olympic champions or life champions, people that can enrich your lives more than any treasure can.

The biggest network of motivational speakers of Romania, with people that exclusively use us facilitators between themselves and beneficiaries, we are number 1 in Romania as being agents for many notable names. We thank them for their trust! We invite you to visit our dedicated.

An inspired man is a richer man!

Company Day, Parties

Whether we are talking about picnic or out-of-the-box themes, one thing is clear, we will feel good and appreciate the time spent together.