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During this interesting exercise, the teams will actually write the front page of a newspaper, in a manner that goes beyond choosing titles and catches the essence of things. This entertaining, alert and energizing challenge will take the team out of their comfort zone into the restless world of the news press. In other words, the participants will test the stress and the challenges by ”walking in other people’s shoes”.

Just like a team of professional journalists, they will identify the interesting topics of the day, will gather information, do some research work, edit and publish.

Besides the “hot” topic of the day, the teams will come up with a name for the newspaper, will have to draw a cartoon, place an ad, present a celebrity and write a “financial forecasting”.

The participants will receive a pre-established columns layout and will be offered special resources, such as a Polaroid.

Obtained results:

  • Improving interpersonal relationships;
  • Understanding a different manner to approach the job challenges;
  • Becoming aware of the importance of the intangible assets: brand, competencies;
  • Stimulating creativity, competitiveness and motivating the group members.
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