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We work with schools, retirement homes and local authorities to eliminate de redundant furniture from location and to recreate the space using pallets, which we modify and arrange to bring a new vibe to these places. Usually used to transport large goods, the pallets are an underestimated source of decoration. Having countless usage possibilities of these wooden frames, there is only need of little imagination and skill to transform them in decorative furniture or even art.

Why ”Recycled furniture”?

• The beneficiaries can thus enjoy a safe and optimal study space
• We work shoulder to shoulder for something that will remain useful and be good for the next generations. We collaborate for the future
• It’s a social involvement way seen as a generator for change and value
• Brings an added value both for the employees involved in this and the disadvantaged communities
• Is a way of creating a direct channel between society and organizations
This program helps us rediscover the human values that connect us, through it we break down communication and collaboration barriers and helps us get more close, as a team.

Obtained results:

  • The satisfaction of generating a different impact than the daily work: children, elderly are the direct beneficiaries of this project;
  • Involving the team in a project with social implications;
  • Supporting the nest generations and sending the responsibility feeling to the community we live in;
  • Developing empathy.
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