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”Robot” teambuilding is the perfect test of real world team building skills. Each of the four component robot parts:

• Frame
• Drivetrain
• Electronics
• Attack Arm
must be built correctly by 2 or 3 team members working together, then each part must fit and work in combination with the other parts, for the entire robot to work. Successful teams use communication, teamwork and leadership to out-perform the other teams.

After building the battle robot, each team gets to test their craftsmanship and battle skills as they go head-to-head against the other robots. Most programs include 2 to 3 battle formats including:

• Team versus Team (Everyone battles at least once)
• Best Driver Single Elimination Tournament
• All-Bot Melee! – All bots in the arena at the same time
Robots smash into each other and try to flip each other over or pop their balloons. Powerful motors, aircraft grade aluminium, titanium gears, sharp metal attack arm and good driving lead to lots of action, battles and, most importantly, fun!

Obtained results:

  • Participants become aware of the importance of individual contribution to the final outcome;
  • Encouraging each team member by completing a challenge which seems impossible as a group;
  • Developing communication for a given purpose, both within the team and with other teams;
  • Understanding the need for a clear strategy;
  • Motivating and strengthening team spirit.
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