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The participants enter the conference room and scatter, having various materials and tools in hands. There is also an example of a ”strange kite” in the middle of the room. All the materials that we use are sufficient but limited!

Our trainer is ready to receive you and tell you what you are going to do this afternoon. You as a group will make an ”x” number of exact copies of the kite. Every kite that is built is in fact a separate module. At the end of the workshop, all modules are fixed together so that one very large modular giant flyer is created. The logo of your organization must also appear on every flyer at least once.

The group has a maximum of 2 hours for the entire building process. This is on the short side but feasible. So we actually put the whole group in a light stress situation immediately. When the 2 hours are over, we are going to attach all the modules and then the kite must also be able to fly. This is of course tested with the entire team!

How do they deal with this? Who takes the lead and who will eventually take the lead? Are you listening to each other? How is the communication? We observe the process and evaluate it with the group afterwards. This often yields surprising parallels with the daily routine within the organization. It also provides excellent insights into the cooperation with each other and in the process.

Obtained results:

  • Participants become aware of the importance of individual contribution to the final outcome;
  • Encouraging each team member by completing a challenge which seems impossible as a group;
  • Developing communication for a given purpose, both within the team and with other teams;
  • Understanding the need for a clear strategy;
  • Motivating and strengthening team spirit.
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