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Nostalgia Party
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The power of Nostalgia and the "better days" has become more and more alluring in the recent times.

Memories, a certain smell, an array of songs and even some photographs can transport us to a special moment from our teenage. The past can be an element which can bring us together in the present.

And what better way to connect our future with our past than through a party in the present, meant to relive all the fun activities we used to do, either fourty or ten years ago, in a wonderful mix meant to bring smiles to all of our faces.

Some of the activities include:

Photo booth with thematic props

Grafitti contests

Thematic dress code and fashion shows

Karaoke with those songs that we all didn't know we knew by heart from start to end

Gum bubble contests

Childhood card games (Macao, Razboi, Tabinet, etc.)

A DJ ready to make you feel like it's 1999 all over again (of course, using Winamp)

And many more personalized and tailored activites in order to enjoy yourself to the maximum.