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Hackathon 2024 - New Year, New Challenges!

Seeking a new challenge for your team?

The new year has begun with the preparation of programs aimed at satisfying all needs and expectations. These programs are designed to enhance our selection of activities, bringing together all teams to achieve our set objectives. They are infused with a perfectly balanced level of positive energy and fun to keep motivation high, while also incorporating elements of introspection and challenges to push everyone out of their comfort zones

Autumn is coming - Best programs to organize in the Fall!

As we return from our fairytale-like sunny holidays, we eagerly anticipate sweater weather, the scent of pumpkins, and moments of reconnecting and sharing stories with our colleagues.

But why limit ourselves to stories of the past when we can also share smiles in the present and forge lasting bonds? To facilitate this, we offer a selection of activities that are perfect for this season. During the day, the weather is ideal for outdoor adventures, while in the evening, the cozy indoors beckon.

Selling Race - Chase the day before the day outruns you!

Sometimes the best way to learn is by doing. However, it's not about diving headfirst into the sea of sales but rather proceeding under the careful guidance of experienced trainers who are there to assist you every step of the way in becoming an efficient salesperson. This way, you'll be ready to sell a ski jacket even in the middle of the desert.

Learn, buy, sell, turn a profit, and strive to become the best team to master the art of sales.