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X-mas Around the World
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Celebrate this holiday international style with songs, food (like delicious cookies!), ornament crafts, games, and more! Join some of the very many activities, meant to engage each and every participants in a fun and insightful way.

Say “Merry Christmas” 10 ways!

Compile with your colleagues a list of "Merry Christmas" in other languages and cheer those around you with this full of joy saying. 

Secret Santa 

Whether you buy a gift for one of your colleagues or get a gift, it's all a secret! Gather under the Christmas tree and discover a secret source of joy.

Kahoot Quiiz

Enter a fun quiz, full of prizes. Find out how is Christmas celebrated in other parts of the world? What common or different traditions are respected across borders?

International Christmas Drink Ideas

Serving up one or even a few of this delicious beverages: Julebryg, or Christmas beer (Denmark) | Anis del Mono, or anise-flavored liquor (Dominican Republic)| Glogg, or mulled wine (Scandinavia)| Ponche, or hot Christmas fruit punch (Guatemala) | Prosecco, pandoro, panforte or spumante  (Italy)| Coquito, or spiced coconut eggnog (Puerto Rico) | Brandy snaps (New Zealand) | Sorrel (Jamaica)

Mystery Box ! Explore the world through food

Are you curious about trying foods from other countries, but you don’t know where to start? Open the mystery box, be in contact with us and let’s cook.