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Autumn is coming - Best programs to organize in the Fall!
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From learning to properly enjoying a glass of wine in the heart of a vineyard, to engaging in exciting competitive team games, to participating in socially impactful activities, all these experiences are ready to make your team's autumn as meaningful and unforgettable as possible. The activities below are some of the best we offer to you and your team to elevate your team bonding to the next level.

First, let's delve into the mysteries of the "liquor of the gods," right in the heart of the vineyard and its cellars. Within the program In Vino Veritas, your team can acquire winemaking skills, ranging from understanding grape varieties, proper cultivation and harvesting techniques, the transformation process from fruit to drink, how to blend different types of wines, and even create a unique wine bottle design and label. There's no better time to enjoy all of this than during the peak of the wine season.

Next, we shift our focus to a bit of competition to prove that you're a true Highlander  - The Highlander Games. A series of outdoor team competitions designed to challenge your creativity, physical endurance, adaptability, and learning abilities, all wrapped up in fun games meant to push you out of your comfort zone and boost team spirit. Perfect for the mild autumn weather, the gentle sun complements the excitement of proving your team's prowess.

To maintain the active dynamic spirit, Speed Monopoly combines physical and mental challenges, sprinkled with laughter and a competitive spirit ready to unite your colleagues in pursuit of victory. In this life-sized board game, participants can invest all their energy, whether indoors or outdoors, in memorable moments together.

For the ultimate outdoor adventure, the Carpatrek Experience is specifically designed to take your team into the heart of nature when the forest is adorned with fairytale autumn colors. Led by experienced guides, this journey ensures not only safety but also fun activities to bring participants closer together.

Showtime offers a slightly different approach to team bonding by challenging comfort zones with an unforgettable experience that culminates in your team producing a start-to-finish TV broadcast. From today's news to sports, weather reports, breaking news events, and even advertising interruptions, your team will not only have a blast but also gain valuable skills in improvisation and a better understanding of how the television industry works.

Next, let's make the most of the gifts nature offers during this wonderful season with, The Goodie Pantry program. This initiative brings your team together in the aroma of simmering vegetables, ready to be preserved in jars and delivered to families in need. Not only will this program strengthen your team's bond, but it will also provide a sense of fulfillment, knowing that their efforts will help less fortunate families enjoy wholesome meals.

In the spirit of helping those around us, the Bike Factory invites your team to get hands-on and learn the technical steps to build functional bikes from parts, which will be donated to children in need. Nothing brings more joy to a child than a bike that can provide years of fun adventures with friends, and what better season to enjoy bike rides than the pleasant autumn weather.

Autumn tantalizes all our senses, from captivating sights and colors to enticing smells and sounds created by nature's transformation. To challenge your team's perceptiveness, consider the 5Senses program. In turns, they will use all their senses to identify secret smells, textures, and more.

And, of course, what better way to embrace the autumn vibes than celebrating your team's hard work with motivational moments, great music, and positive energy at a dedicated Festival organized exclusively for your company? Picture it as if you were watching one of those lively festivals on TV, with dazzling lights, musical stages, and fun activities scattered throughout the venue.

On the same flow, a bit more focused on team challenges, The Fun Fair brings forward several stations and tasks for your team to complete, either individually or together. Gather points and earn prizes while enjoying live performances, fresh lemonade, and a bit of cotton candy.

In any case, the choices are abundant, and all is one button away if you need our guidance to organize the teambuilding of your team's dreams.