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Highlander Games - Get your kilt on!
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As physical tasks alternate with mental and creative challenges, every team member will have the chance to shine and help lead your team to Highlander glory.

Decked out in proper attire, kilts swaying in the wind, and flags proudly waving, your team will initially create a unique identity for their Highlander tribe while enjoying some spirited libations to boost morale. Once all the tribes are ready to enter the competition, the challenges commence, and the race to determine the mightiest Highlander begins.

This presents a remarkable opportunity to challenge your team coordinator, test the strength of your bonds, sharpen your aim in achieving goals, and reach new heights one step at a time. All of these elements within your team will be put to the test, and in the end, everyone will emerge with stronger relationships and perhaps a little extra reason to celebrate this success.

You may find extra details about this teambuilding program here.