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Showtime! - Lights, camera, action!
News / Ideas

In a professional setting, you'll have the unique opportunity to take on the roles of editors, newscasters, presenters, camera operators, and technical crew for a news broadcast that will deliver impactful news to your audience, potentially changing their day and even their lives.

Organized into teams, each responsible for different segments of the show, you must ensure everyone is prepared to step in at any moment and even be ready to adapt when viewers switch channels. All of this takes place under the guidance of experienced professionals who are ready to mentor you in discovering hidden skills you may not have known you possessed and wanted to develop. They'll challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, pushing your spontaneity and creativity to their limits.

The program culminates with a start-to-finish viewing party, filled with continuous laughter and a strong sense of pride that you and your team successfully produced a full news show, complete with all the necessary elements, in the most professional manner possible.

You can find more details about this teambuilding program over here.