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5 Senses
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Going through such workshops, we will be able to appreciate more what is in front of us, learn to listen better and see more clearly, invoking the other senses be it images, sounds, smells, touch or even breathing. The sensory workshops provide participants with connection with their complete sensory experience, bringing them into tune with themselves and with each other. 
During these workshops, participants will have the opportunity to experience textures, tastes and sounds, such as a beautiful bird song, a velvety rose petal, a serrated stone, along with colleagues, so it will facilitate communication and collaboration of the team.
Participants will learn to work together, connect and grow together in an alternative environment that moves people out of their comfort zone. They will go through a series of physical and cognitive activities around these sensory experiences, activities in the blind, headphone games and noise cancellation, memory games, textures, scent association and taste testing.

Obtained Results:

Discovering the lesser-known skills of colleagues;
Improving communication between team members;
Fun and getting out of the daily area;
Strengthening and motivating the whole group.