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8 principles to feeling good
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We all have felt the negative signals of stress or lack of progress, the burden of rapid changes often presents under the form of lack of motivation or of a new lease of life. Try 8 principles which can help you fight the above symptoms.

We split participants into 8 teams.

The 8 principles are shown in 8 workshops of 30 minutes each – thus, each team will deal with each of the “topics” - each team will experience it! 

1. Stop hiding who you really are!

2. Start being a little “selfish” – Do what matters for you!

3. Stop being entrenched in rules, challenge them!

4. Start “frightening” yourself, get out of your comfort zone!

5. Stop taking everything so seriously!

6. Get rid of “residues”!

7. Stop being busy!

8. It’s time for you to do what you really want!


Improving the attitude towards certain situations;

Revitalizing the manner in which we perceive what happens to us and to the ones around us;

Stimulating personal creativity;

Fighting the attitude of “I cannot”, “I do not know”.