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This is a program which runs against the clock and challenges teams to think and act quickly to reach a common goal. In order to reach semi-finals and then finals, the teams originating in various countries must first pass an intense practice and numerous Olympic trials.

The participants are divided into teams representing various countries: India, Brazil, Egypt, U.S.A., Romania, etc. There is an official opening ceremony during which each team must represent their country as authentically as possible. This is followed by the practice and warm-up routines lead by a very demanding coach. As a result of this, the teams will be ready to face the upcoming Olympic trials.

Each stage is important because the scores are constantly being updated and add up towards the results. Every new challenge is unpredictable, and the ranking can change dramatically between the first and the last trial. 


Getting to develop your initiative and proactivity skills;

Increase your competitiveness and the ability to go beyond one’s limits;

Team members will get to know each other and increase their communication skills;

Getting to understand the relationship between team member-team-performance;

Boosting self-confidence and motivating the entire team.