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Beyond Horizons
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This program - simulation emphasizes international relations, conflicts emerged between countries, but also the way diplomacy functions at its highest levels.

The essential premise is that aliens have started visiting the Earth more and more often to kidnap, analyse and terrorize people. The aliens’ objective is to undermine the human race’s power so that the Earth can be invaded. The main part of this simulation consists of how humanity, represented by a collection of political entities, decides to react to this menace.

The game is turn-based, the decision-making process is strategic – resource allocation, policy making, ideology and, of course, diplomacy.

Humans will end up improving their military or economy by researching the alien equipment and the alien beings that were captured. These findings can be shared, or they can be kept by themselves – it all depends on the level of cooperation of human players.

Humans must decide how to use their resources to build better bases, to modernize the weapons they have and so on.


Development of strategic thinking;

Importance of collaboration within the team and within the organization;

Exemplification of VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity;

Conflict management and Stress management;