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We contribute to a learning spaces with a tonne of creativity, creating a better space for knowledge, bringing color and light in the learning environment. 

The start premise is that a teambuilding can make a powerful impression on the society around us, not only within companies. This is a further step in understanding that our work can be more than a simple act of individual effectiveness. Together we will select the beneficiary school. We will analyze the work needed and propose a project that will satisfy both the team's objectives and the school's needs.

First, we will collect information from you, then come back with a concrete proposal: the target school, the rehabilitation project, including number of participants, estimated timeframe, budget and specific objectives.

The project may contain wall painting, furniture repairing or construction, creating learning materials, designing reading spaces etc. The project will meet safety standards and the participants will be accompanied by specialists.


Satisfaction of generating a different impact than the daily one: the children are this project's beneficiaries;

Anchoring the team in a social project;

Supporting the next generations and a sense of community responsibility;

Developing empathy.