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Conquest of Everest
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The Conquest of Everest is a “hands on” event, in which the participants face an unusual challenge, but in the context of situations familiar to the real working environment: the apparent lack of resources, aggressive deadlines, opportunities and threats, the need to make quick decisions, the pressure of time, anxiety, physical limits and many others.

The story which will involve the participants is based on real facts. John Power, an eccentric billionaire and a mountain-lover, dreams to conquer Mount Everest. After many attempts, an unhappy accident makes this objective impossible to attain.

However, his passion for the mountains remains and he decides to make his dream come true by rewarding the brave teams who manage to stay the longest on top of the mountain and succeed in returning unharmed from this ascent.


Using the method of experiential learning, this program manages to change attitudes and behaviors, a process otherwise possible through weeks of training or traditional learning.

- The team members get to know each other better and communication is harmonized

- Understanding the member-team relationship, especially in time-bounded

- Developing strategic thinking

- Strengthening and motivating the whole group.