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Highlander Games
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Physical tasks alternate with mental ones, giving accessibility to everyone to actively participate in GAMES. You don't have to be SUPER-man or SUPER-woman. Although everything seems to be happening in a competitive environment, the focus is not on competition, but on the experiences of living with your colleagues. The "clans" compete through a rotating system, and some rehearsals happen in common. 

What happens in “HIGHLANDER GAMES”?

Keeping the theme of the team event secret makes it even more exciting. Ascendis gives no clue to the participants. The games really take off after a fun introduction. Team leaders are taken aside and equipped with kilt, jackets and hats. Once the clan leaders put on their outfits, they are greeted with great enthusiasm by other team members (with loud applause and the necessary deference). An oboe singer creates the right atmosphere. 

The division into teams is done by offering a shot of whiskey. At the bottom of the glass is the team number. In this way we ensure that the distribution of members is done randomly. Of course, we also have non-alcoholic shots. 

Traditional disciplines alternate with fun activities and tasks focused on communication and cooperation. The Highland Games are supervised to ensure the personal safety of the participants.

Obtained results:

Know each-other better;
Relax in an active mode; 
Will reload participants' batteries in an active way.