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The goodie pantry
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An old saying tells us that ”in the autumn we count the ducklings”. A season of rich harvest brings pantries full of goodies. That’s why we invite you to create your own products for the company’s pantry and afterwards to reap the benefits and donate them to those in need or to those who would enjoy them most.

You will be surprised that the few hours dedicated to this activity might represent several months of joy and even fulfilment of the basic food needs of those most needing around us. In the last 3 years, over 1500 people prepared with dedication about 5 tons of pickled products and jams for communities in Brașov, Buzău and Covasna counties.

The participants are involved in the whole production process: picking fruits/ vegetables, preparing basic materials, packaging and labeling. In the end, a trade fair and a thematic party are organized around Christmas, or the specific holiday adiacent to the event.


We realize the importance of personal contribution to the final result; 

Develop a feeling of belonging to the group, team and those around us;

Realize a product that can be a company brand;

Time investment into something with impact to our environment and those around us;

Motivate and relax the team.