ghiza (Medium) thequestofpyramids

We rebuild one of the seven wonders of the world! Each team must carefully study the connection and the distance between monuments and devise their own strategy to finish the masterpiece in time.

world cafe (Medium) world cafe

Offer a memorable experience to the customer setting foot in your own café! Go beyond cultural barriers, prepare and drink a coffee on every continent, experiment with the diversity of the cultures you will encounter.

cooking (Medium) cookingday

There always is a surprise ingredient! And, maybe it is only you who knows it. Use all the resources to impress the taste buds of the other team members. Discover what it means to spice simple things and how to surprise your friends with a hidden talent.

SWAT (Medium) swat

Reputation is earned through performance! You are part of the best antiterrorist team in the U.S.A. Your objective is to defuse a bomb and rescue 4 hostages.

rent a vilage (Medium) rentavilage

Once you have accepted the terms, you can call the village your own. On your arrival, the mayor will hand you over the key, with the message 'you are welcome, do as you please!'. From now on, your team is in charge!

roman photo (Medium) romanphoto

Keep to the storyline! No matter how complex the story you wish to tell is, the storyline is what will keep the audience with wide open eyes and all ears.

planet x (Medium) plantX

Selling, but not any kind of selling… valuable selling! While keeping elements from real life, we get the participants involved in challenges which build or maintain relationships with customers.

pinhole photos (Medium) pinholephotos

Simplicity has its charm! We sometimes make things too complicated, forget where we started and especially why we started in the first place.

outdoof 4 fun (Medium) outdoor4fun

When there is no time or budget for a team building, how about a series of entertaining activities which focus on team spirit and which can be held in or around the city where the company is located?

metropola (Medium) metropola

A metropolis is a system. For it to work, you need to get its overall picture, as well as attention to details. The location of the park, the junction of the streets, the positioning of the school, the hospital, etc. are highly important. But it is more important to know how to look into the future.

mousetrap (Medium) mausetrap

Everything is interconnected! Build a mechanism with the help of your team’s imagination and make sure that all the elements form ‘a circuit’ to trap any unwanted visitor.

made in holywood (Medium) mdeinhollywood

Convey emotions! Every film stirs a certain emotion in the viewer. But, behind this emotion, there is a team that makes things happen.

jocurile olimpice (Medium) jocurileolimpice

An olympic team at the starting line! Use the perfect technique, achieve the best result and win. Experience what it means to be an olympian.

in vino veritas (Medium) invinoveritas

Your contribution has a direct and immediate impact on the end result, you will create your own wine, the team will display their skills, including the creative ones, designing the label of the wine now being born.

hawaiian olimplics (Medium) hawaiianchallenge

Come to the 'Land of Aloha' and experience native traditions, beach games, local music and food!

haute cuture (Medium) hautecouture

The fashion journalists will be stunned by your incredible collection, elegantly and originally shown on stage. Ideas turn into forms and colours in an experience which reveals the 'fabulous' in you!

formula 1 (Medium) formula 1

Train to be Number 1! Your team enters the grand prix race. Everything matters: the car, the training, the track, the accessories, the time, the pilot, the team...

flashmob (Medium) flashmob

The energy tramsmitted by a perfect synchrony, the emotions triggered by anticipating the moment when the music starts and the audience’s reaction, together, they turn this event into a real show!

extemporal la marea neaga (Medium) extemporallamareaneagra

The wind is blowing, the waves are giving us a hard time, but we remain on track! A cocktail of intensive, theoretical and practical activities meant to reveal the basics of sailing.

expozitie in delta (Medium) expozitieindelta

Catch the point! Observe and then choose the information that is the most relevant for the exhibition’s topic and for the spectator... In other words, present the Danube Delta as it has never been seen before!

everest (Medium) CE

Know and surpass your limits! Take with you a sherpa, mind the weather, manage your resources, stay up there, on top, for as long as possible... In other words, let yourself caught in an event which you will certainly remember!

concept team (Medium) conceptteam

We put our imagination to work and design an item of the future. It can be a car, a spaceship or a city.

coloseum (Medium) colosseum

Better and better! Those who find the gladiator’s shield will be able to defeat the roman soldiers, reclaiming their freedom and regaining state power.

circus (Medium) circus

Laughter prevents stress! Circus may take various forms, but its purpose will always be the same: to make us feel good. This is precisely the challenge we are launching for the participants too.

bild the bridge (Medium) buildthebridge

We build human bonds – long-lasting and resistant, with girders, building plans, measurements, effort, coordination . . . teamwork.

brandbook (Medium) brandbook

One book, more writers! The first day in the company, the most challenging projects, pranks played to the colleagues, memorable results, people . . . All these and many others, each will have a chapter in the brandbook of the company.

bike on (Medium) bikeon

We do not leave anyone behind and we do not force anyone along! We pedal at full speed, in the same direction!

big picture (Medium) big picture

Everyone’s contribution has an impact on the end result, whether it is about a work of art, or about a conversation with a customer. The teams will display their artistic skills, by painting a picture of epic size. But the way this result is obtained matters...

back to the roots (Medium) backtotheroots

Values and passion. 'Back to the roots' is a story with and about passions hidden in every corner of the country, hiking trips that will bring us closer to nature and guests to inspire us.

8 principii (Medium) 8 principii

Do things with pleasure! In order to fight against everyday monotony, we propose 8 principles, applicable both in business and in the personal life. Simple, playful, giving energy and zest for life.

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