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Hackathon 2024 - New Year, New Challenges!
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The new year has begun with a two-day gathering by the Ascendis Events Team, during which a multitude of programs have been developed to fill in the gaps, raise the level of quality and challenges, and introduce new and exciting activities to complement the existing ones.

With a high diversity ranging from fun short programs to complex business simulations and everything in between, we are once again prepared to meet you and your team's expectations for an ideal team-building experience.

Starting with an exciting team adventure, we present the Active Trip: Asia Express style. Your team, divided into several groups, will race to discover the final destination of the event. Racing through buses, metros, trains, cars, and visiting main attractions of various cities or villages along the way, the groups will compete to be the first to reach the final destination. Our motivated facilitators will ensure that even the most challenging tasks are completed on time, and no one is left behind.

More details about 'Find the Crib' can be found here.

Continuing with active pursuits, we offer two distinct programs with the shared objective of encouraging a relaxed environment for reconnecting with ourselves away from computers and the technological rush of daily life, providing opportunities to discover ourselves and those around us better.

With a lighter, more introspective attitude, we present 'Off. Recharge.' This program is designed to guide you in reaching self-connection and disconnection from all stressful elements in your surroundings.

For a slightly more active experience, helping you discover new skills to connect better with nature and your environment, we invite you on a fun, active, yet relaxing trip in 'The Adventurers.'

As warmer days approach, we also invite you to fun activities to keep your colleagues active and motivated.

First, in a more relaxed environment resembling a fair, participants can explore different stands with a technological twist, offering challenges involving drones, robots, and other tech-savvy elements. At the same time, more relaxed activities await, allowing you to win futuristic prizes or enjoy a relaxing lemonade with your colleagues, fostering non-work-related interactions. All of this takes place within 'Techmaroc,' a Tech Fair of the Future.

On the other hand, if you want to energize your team, we invite you to an adaptation of the TV success 'Fort Boyard,'  where teams must tackle challenges, discover their unique skills, and compete to win the treasure of an island full of secrets, challenges, and riches.

We also haven't forgotten about serious business simulations, inviting you to discover your team's skills and attitudes in perhaps the greatest adventure of all time - a journey through history's ages to help humanity solve the greatest challenges in a collaborative environment, with KPIs to be met and deadlines pressing all teams to prioritize and achieve a better future for us all. Enter the 'Time Machine' and not only improve the future but also improve yourselves.

To end on a fun note, we propose a program full of laughter in which the challenge is the total opposite. In 'Try Not to Laugh,' your colleagues will be challenged to undergo fun tasks designed to take them out of their comfort zones. Those who show the most self-control and refrain from laughing along the way will be the winners. But will they succeed in such a challenge with the tasks we have prepared?

We invite you to discover this and much more in our team-building programs designed to satisfy the entire array of needs for your team and expectations for their bonding and development.

Do not hesitate to contact us, and we'll guide you to discover what best fits your team!